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SOUPS & SALADSTraditional Chicken Soup with Matzo BallsINGREDIENTS (Continued)MATZO BALLS (I triple this recipe)4 eggs1 cups of matzo meal4 tbsp of oil (canola works well)4 tbsp of cold water or club soda (must be ice cold) 1 1⁄2 tsp of salt1⁄2 tsp of pepper (white or black)DIRECTIONSCHICKEN SOUP• Place chicken, all vegetables (besides dill and parsley) in a large pot. Fillwith water (about 8 quarts) and add salt (and white or black pepper,optional).• Bring pot to a boil and skim o  fat from top of soup.• Reduce flame to simmer and let cook for at least 2 hours, but the longer thevegetables sit in the pot, the stronger the flavor.• Add dill and parsley the last 20 minutes of cooking.• Remove from heat, remove all chicken and vegetables and pour througha strainer. You can slice the cooked carrots and place them back in the soup if desired. Keep the cooked chicken to put in the soup just before serving (or use it to make a yummy chicken salad, chicken tacos, chili once it cools!)Helpful hint: I typically make the soup in advance, refridgerate overnight, and skim any additional fat the next day. It can then be served or portioned in smaller containers and frozen until needed. The soup defrosts easily in microwave or on stovetop.When reheating the soup, toss matzo balls (recipe below) in the soup and let them cook in the broth for a while for maximum flavor.(Continued on next page)73

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