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Traditional Chicken Soupwith Matzo BallsThe iconic matzo ball soup is a staple at most Jewish holiday dinner tables (and every Jewish delicatessen). Every food has a history, but not many foods have a history as storied as Matzo Ball Soup.When Moses led the Jews from the oppression of Egypt, the Jewish people had no time to pack food or other provisions. Instead of the bread theywere accustomed to, all the Jewish people had to eat was an unleavened mixture of flour and water that turned flat when le  out in the sun to bake. Out of respect for the trials of their ancestors, Jews forgo all leavened forms of bread during Passover. The only bread allowed them is matzo—the same unleavened flour and water bread eaten by the fleeing Jews of the Old Testament. Matzo meal, used to make matzo balls, is the ground form of the whole matzo and is found in groceries’ International aisle, in the Kosher food section.Those raised by a Jewish mother have likely been prescribed a hot bowl of chicken soup when they felt under the weather. Dr. Mom may have insisted it was a type of “Jewish penicillin,” that would lessen sni les and perk you right up. She was, in some regard, correct! In a 2000 study published in the Journal of the American College of Chest Physicians, researchers found that chicken soup could help reduce upper-respiratory inflammation.Submitted by: Tammi WeckslerINGREDIENTSCHICKEN SOUP1 chicken with skin, cut up, or 6 chicken breasts with skin1 large onion (with skin on), quartered6 carrots (or equivalent amount of mini-carrots), whole5 celery sticks, whole1 turnip, quartered1 parsnip, quarteredSalt & pepper(optional: quartered sweet potato, green pepper, tomato, fresh garlic, fresh parsley)1 bunch dill, soaked and rinsed well(Continued on next page) 71SOUPS & SALADS

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