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Holiday Bourbon CocktailThis recipe is dedicated to my grandmother, Nancy Erickson, because you could always find her with a glass of bourbon telling a good story with a smile.Submitted by: Hallie BurnsINGREDIENTS4 oz of apple cider 2 oz of bourbon2 tbsp of cinnamon 1 tbsp of sugar1 orange wedge Rosemary sprigDIRECTIONS• Combine cinnamon and sugar on a plate.• Run the orange wedge around the edge of your cocktail glass, then dip it inthe cinnamon and sugar.• Fill your glass with ice.• In a shaker with ice, combine the cider and bourbon and stir to combine.Strain into your ice filled glass.• Garnish with the orange slice and rosemary sprig.APPETIZERS, DIPS & BEVERAGES49

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