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Mimi’s Date Nut BallsEvery Christmas my Great Grandmother would make these for dessert/ snacks. I have since taken over the tradition, and every year they are the most requested at our family functions.Submitted by: Kristin QuarlesINGREDIENTS1 package of chopped dates1 stick of butter1 cup of brown sugar1 cup of chopped nuts (walnut or pecan) 1 tsp of vanilla2 cups of Rice Krispies1 cup of powdered sugarDIRECTIONS• In a large saucepan over medium heat cook the dates, butter and brown sugar and stir until melted.• Remove from heat and add vanilla, nuts and Rice Krispies. Mix well.• Let mixture cool until just warm.• Roll date mixture into one inch balls.• Roll date balls in the powder sugar until completely coated.DESSERTS

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